7th Annual


NOV 3-5 2023

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Tyomi Morgan is a certified sexologist, and founder of The Cowgirl Workout and Glamerotica101.com.


Kendrick has been part of the World Operations staff team since 2008, and is now VP of Community Management. He manages the Staff Moderators and volunteer teams, and works closely with the Legal and Executive teams to ensure the community has a safe and fun place to enjoy!


Hiyas, I'm Jane_Ashby, I've been a member of Utherverse for nine years now and for all that time exclusively using the TG female avatar. I have been running the Transgender Social Center since 2020 as a safe place for everyone to visit.


I’ve been a member for 14 years. I DJ, Host, organize big events, manage clubs, own a 1 of a kind club, make bulletins, banners, logo’s and anything graphic. I have doors on RLC Street, Virtual Vancouver Street, Gay Alley, Pride Crossing and a shop in the zaby lobby.


Red_Queen has been part of Utherverse since the very beginning as a community member, Tech Volunteer, and now as Lead Developer of Utherverse!


Pinky_DKK_56 has been with the United Nations Foundation for almost 4 years and is Head of the Finance Department. Soon she will be taking over a Founder seat.


I am Halo and I'm an Ambassador for Utherverse! I'm here to make sure you always know what's going on in the Utherverse world. I can help answer any questions you may have, or at least point you in the right direction :)

Utherverse Art Team



A long-standing member, decorator and educator, Plixton now leads UtherAcademy, the education branch of Utherverse.

Brian Shuster

Internet pioneer and CEO of Utherverse, Brian Shuster, delivers the VirtualCon 2023 Keynote Address. Don't miss this exciting peek into the future of Utherverse, Xaeon, and more!


I joined Utherverse years ago. Made some good friends, and enjoy chatting, flirting, joking and all aspects of the game. I noticed The XXX Ambassador bulletin a year and a half ago and decided to finally apply to be a volunteer. I had always supported ambassadors and staff when could but had never volunteered. Being as I'm very sexual and flirtatious by nature I thought, “Finally: a position that feels right for me!” So now I can flirt and help new people learn adult props and animations in a safe, non judgmental environment. I assist people and make them smile and feel better when I can.


MystikMoon has been DJing in real life since 1995 and an events DJ in Utherverse since 2010. In real life she DJs weddings, reunions, anniversaries and birthday parties.

LaraViolet & SweetGuy

The Staff Moderator team oversees the World Operations volunteers: Protectors, Leaders & Guides. They also assist Utherverse members with in-game inquiries.


Cadens First time DJing was at the age of 19 with friends at school dances and town hall dances for about 2 years. Years later, he joined Utherverse picked it up there, getting the oppurtunity from DJ_ NightHawk and first stream from AmercianAce(PPS). After a few years in the virtual, he transitioned to working with Furious Radio @ itunes and Liquid Steel @ Sirius, but left once the politcal enviroment started getting heavy. Recently, he has rejoined the Utherverse Community and is back to DJing with Purepower Streams on Rated R Radio. Along with being a DJ, he is also a club owner and an important member of the Purepower Streams Family.


KarmelDiVa has been an Utherverse (UV) member since 2007. She pioneered many of the things that are now commonplace in our virtual world. In 2008 she became the leader of a family. Part of the initiation was dancing in sync (this was before we had 'auto'). She is the first black woman to own her own club in UV. She was the first to be allowed to buy and sell rays, thus making her the longest running ray and VIP seller in UV. She, along with a good friend, became the first owners of a production company called SisiD Productions. They had karaoke competitions and hosted events like Showtime at the Apollo. They had decorating game challenges called Designer TKO, Live Bingo, and Family Feud to name a few of their projects. Since leaving all that behind for a lower profile, she now stands in RLC transport daily to provide Rays of Exchange services to those that may need VIP/UVIP memberships and rays.


DeathDivision presents the full guide on how to get set up in web3 with a wallet, marketplace and security. Anyone from a web3 beginner who has never touched crypto to a full investor will be able to follow along and gain some new information. We will cover the current market and how to tell if a project will be right for you!


Event Time Location
Convention Floor Opens 10:00 AM Everywhere
Heart & Soul with Jazy 10:00 AM Performance Stage
Voting Opens 11:00 AM Everywhere
Keeping it Hot at a Distance: Tips for LDR Dynamics 11:00 AM Megabyte Theater
Kings of the Night with Jazy 11:00 AM Performance Stage
VirtualCon 2023 Welcome Address NOON Megabyte Theater
Erotic Jaguars with MystikMoon NOON Performance Stage
Parties, Passion, Progress and POSE! 1:00 PM Avatar Theater
All Starz with MystikMoon 1:00 PM Performance Stage
Sneak Peak: What’s Next in Xaeon? 2:00 PM By Invitation Only
Wildhearts with BB_Licious 2:00 PM Performance Stage
Growing Your Business in Utherverse 3:00 PM Avatar Theater
Sticky Legs with BB_Licious 3:00 PM Performance Stage
LῙF Presents - Film 3 4:00 PM Megabyte Theater
Introducing: The United Nations Foundation 4:00 PM Avatar Theater
Sex Pixels with CastroDJ 4:00 PM Performance Stage
Living the Life of an Ambassador in Utherverse 5:00 PM Avatar Theater
Spirit in Motion with CastroDJ 5:00 PM Performance Stage
Red Light Center & Web 3 6:00 PM Megabyte Theater
Day 1 Kick-Off Party 6:00 PM VirtualCon Ballroom


Featured Exhibitor


QueenZ Entertainment

Hel's CreationS

Reveries Events and Deco

Heart and Soul

Utherverse Events

World of Wonder


By Perseus Original Places


VirtualCon is a three day convention that is held entirely in the Metaverse and celebrates the massively growing virtual world communities and MMO's across all platforms. VirtualCon aims to unite users and professionals in one virtual convention space and will feature:




General Information


dates and times

FRI NOV 3, 2023 10 AM PST - 6 PM PST

SAT NOV 4, 2023 10 AM PST - 6 PM PST

SUN NOV 5, 2023 10 AM PST - 6 PM PST




VirtualCon is being held 100% in the Metaverse. The Trade Floor will be unveiled the day of the show, as well as speaking rooms, party venues and networking rooms.

7th Annual


NOV 3-5 2023


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